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Customer Supplied Steel Fabricated To Your Standards 

Structural Steel Fabrication 

Large Complicated Sections

When you get to busy we are here to help get you out of that bind. Send your materials and drawings we can fabricate and ship to site to keep your job on track.

We can supply you with steel and fabricate to your standards all done with certified welders in a AISC certified automated shop

Our company has built many large complicated sections that others have to pass up. When we fabricate, IT FITS! 


Custom Plate Parts 

When you need custom plate detail send us your files and we can make it for you faster than your service center

2" thick pierce capacity with sheets sizes up to 72"x144"


Angle Parts

We supply all types of angle clips up to L6x6x5/8 40'-0" long 

Clips come with scribed piece marks for tracking.

We can make your safety post cheaper and faster so you don't have to do it in house.


Hot Dipped Galvinzing 

Need a galv job knocked out give us a shot 

Contact Us


112 Maple Leaf Ct 

Glassboro NJ



Anthony McAlister


Mon - Fri

7:00 am – 3:30 pm

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